Canada is getting a league of our own. A league that will have cities across this great dominion,¬†A mari usque ad mare, as the official Canadian motto goes. It’s an incredible time to be a Canadian sports fan. As Bob Young said, this is a unique opportunity. We are making a league of our very own. And we believe a team must be on the banks of the Grand River.

et a flumine usque ad terminos terrae

There is something awfully poetic that the Canadian motto often forgets it’s second half. And from the river to the ends of the earth. You hear the naysayers already: Why KW? Isn’t that Toronto territory? It will never work. They don’t have a sporting history.

We’re the forgotten line in that great motto, but we have been here SINCE day one. And we will be there when this team, our team, plays in the CONCACAF Champions League. Completing the line.¬†Turning back the doubters.

Speed – Irvine – Nith – Conestoga – Eramosa

These great historic rivers; that David Forsyth paddled in concocting a plan for a Canadian Football Assocation in the 1800s; that shone as Galt FC celebrated Canada’s only Summer Olympic team medal until 2012; that soaked in a team from Galt, even then an underdog, beating the best of England; are in all of us. The watershed of the Grand.

Let’s drink up! Amazing football awaits.