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February 4th was a great day for Canadian soccer as the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team faced off against Mexico for a hard-fought victory. The game was played as a celebratory match after our Women made all of Canada proud and brought home the Bronze Metal in the Brazil Olympics.

Of course, what was probably more important to many of us for this game was saying goodbye to three women who have given their hearts to the Canadian team. Rhian Wilkinson, Marie-Eve Nault and Melissa Tancredi played their last game for the national team on Saturday, so this game was the last opportunity we had to watch them in action wearing that Maple Leaf we love.

Grand River Union Supporters gathered in the Whale and Ale pub in Kitchener to express our support, and while we would have loved to be at the game-we expressed our support in the way we knew how! Supporters of all ages turned up-including some supporters who are too young to know who they are cheering for-men and women, girls and boys-we all cheer for Canada!

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