GRU Meets with Gill Heidary and Jeff Hughes from KW United!

Levi, Adrian, and Nathan were excited to sit down on March 9th with Gill Heidary-Director of Club Operations and Co-Owner of KW United, as well as Jeff Hughes-Community Liaison, to discuss ways which Grand River Union and KW United can work together to make a professional soccer team in Kitchener-Waterloo a reality. Gill and Jeff were both open to GRU’s suggestions, and want to continue to develop a close relationship between the club and the supporters.
One of the biggest talking points was how we in Grand River Union can help to ensure that KW United is able to gain entrance to the new Canadian soccer league that will be starting in 2018 or 2019. Gill explained that KW United is looking for another investor to give the team the boost it needs. This season will be vital for that goal; “the primary focus for Barry and I this year is getting people there. We need to prove we can make the leap”.th
Barry MacLean, President of the club-is confident that the league will start strong and will have staying power. Gill explained that all of the CFL teams involved have “agreed, the people on board are willing to lose money” for the beginning stages of the league until enough traction is gained and market share acquired. All we need to do is get there!
In the meantime, KW United staff is hard at work trying to make the best soccer culture possible. They are hosting a joint “picnic in the park” event with Grand River Soccer Club on June 4th, and are hoping to work with us on getting some of their players to join us in some of our events. Gill quickly agreed to our request to rope off the top of the stadium during game-days to create a more intimate feel for fans and bring us all together-and also to providing a spot for us on the new KW United website and to working on some joint advertising campaigns.
We all agreed that one of the defining characteristics of KW United culture was the welcoming atmosphere. This is something that both the team and we the supporters are seeking to create. Gill told us that “because we take the time to care about [the players] as a person, they really stay connected”. She went on to explain that KW United tries to maintain a positive attitude wherever the players go. “Our boys sweep and clean the change rooms before they leave”, the staff views the club “as a dignified club”.
It is this sense of togetherness that the club has been fostering through their overtures to other local sports teams. Gill was in “meetings with the Titans, the Rangers, the Velocity” to develop a KW entertainment package that can help the different teams build each-other up. Supporters of any and all of these teams can expect some exciting joint campaigns in the future. Another exciting partnership is the link between KW United and Toronto FC. Gill confirmed to us that such a partnership was in the works; Toronto FC has now officially released this news. KW United will have the benefit of receiving some of the branding and marketing power of the big club, as well as access to some of their top University prospects. Of course, KW United management will continue to have the final say over the roster-but a little bit of help can never do any harm!
If you are interested in getting involved and/or following the KW United season, send us an email, tweet, or Facebook message. Individual game tickets are $10, season tickets are $40-or, if you want to join GRU’s mission to spread soccer culture throughout the region, we can get you season tickets for just $25.  We firmly believe that more is better, we want to fill up that stadium: remember, this is our team!

For season or single match tickets and scarf purchase inquiries, you can follow this link.

Co-founder of Grand River Union, Co-Host: Sea to Sea Podcast, Writer for NSXI, die-hard Canadian Soccer supporter.

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